Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 book roundup

I realized yesterday that I could only remember what 5 of my 13 2012 goals were.  Ha!  Not bad for a year later.  I still haven't decided how I'm going to do my goals this year but it will definitely be different.

I'm still a newbie at making goals but there was one goal I knocked the socks off!

#12 Find 5 new good reads.

Mission Accomplished!

Reading is something I have always enjoyed but is something of a challenge with small children.  Just for fun, here are the books I read (and completed!) in 2012, in the order I read them.
*Links available for books I wrote reviews for.

1. Matched / 2. Crossed / 3. Hunger Games / 4. Catching First  / 5. Mocking Jay / 6. Daniel and Nephi / 7. The Witch of Blackbird Pond / 8. HypnoBirthing / 9. Delirium / 10. Divergent /11. Insurgent / 12. Graceling / 13.Fire / 14. Bitterblue / 15. Emily of New Moon / 16. Emily Climbs / 17. Emily's Quest / 18. Anne of Green Gables / 19. Anne of Avonlea / 20. Anne of the Island / 21. Anne of Windy Poplars / 22. Seeking Persephone / 23. Anne's House of Dreams / 24. Anne of Engleside / 25. Rainbow Valley / 26. Rilla of Engleside / 27. Daddy Long-Legs / 28. Kansas Brides / 29. Friday's Child / 30. Wonderland Creek / 31. A Proper Pursuit / 32. Born to Run / 33. The Darcy Connection / 34. While We're Far Apart / 35. Entwined / 36. Reached

If I had to pick which books were my top five here they are:
#1 Born to Run.  Very motivational as a runner.
#2 Entwined.  I still can't believe I was halfway through this book before realizing it was the 12 dancing princesses story!
#3 HypnoBirthing.  This seriously got me through my first natural delivery!!
#4 Emily of New Moon.  L.M. Montgomery has such an extensive vocabulary and beautiful wording.
#5 A Proper Pursuit.  I was 1/2 way through this book before realizing I've read it before.  It's a good one!

Also, noteworthy author would be L.M. Montgomery.  Once again, amazing vocabulary!  I read 11 of her books this year and her style of writing does not get old.


  1. We read A Proper Pursuit in our book club. I liked it too. I think you should give Georgette Heyer a go. I recommend Fredrica and Grand Sophy if you want a nice Jane Austenish book.

    It's silly, but I'm proud of myself for having read almost all of your books :) Great job on meeting your goals!

  2. I actually have read a bunch of Georgette Heyer's books. It's my favorite style of book to read - victorian romance. Happy Endings. Good stuff!

    We must have similar taste in books. I think I'll branch outa little more in 2013 though. Some more self-helps. Maybe Dickins. Poetry? I'm not sure yet. Any recommendations?