Friday, July 13, 2012

book review: Seeking Persephone

Seeking Persephone is one of those wanna be Jane Austen novels by  LDS author Sarah M. Eden and let me tell you, I loved it!  Don't judge this book by it's cheesy cover.  It may be a fairly predictable love story about a marriage of convenience but it was well written and a quick read.  In this book you read about the Duke of Kielder marrying a stranger (Persphone) on a whim in hopes of producing an heir to his land and title.  The Duke is determined to protect his heart and Persephone persists to try to get to know and care for him.  This book feels a little bit like Beauty and the Beast with some parallels to the story about Persophone and Hates in Greek Mythology.  If you are in the need for a clean, soppy romance this is the book for you!  This book is also the prequel to Courting Miss Lancaster, which I also read and loved.

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