Friday, August 22, 2014

happy weekend!

I hope you're August has been doing you well.  It has been flying by for us.  We've been back from our England trip for two and a half weeks already.  Taking my time posting pictures but we seem to be getting into the new routine over here with Elliot in 2nd grade, Avery in pm kindergarten.  Then there's dance and piano lessons.  I also got a new calling as the ward choir director, but haven't been released as the RS meeting coordinator yet.  My nesting has taken action in the form of painting kitchen cabinets again, oh what a project!  I posted some pictures from the trip on instagram if you wanted to see.  Not sure how long before I share them here but hopefully before the baby :)  Less than 6 weeks until the due date!  Tonight I'm looking forward to a date!  A little all over the place today but I hope you have a good weekend.
All these pictures were taken in Scarborough.