Monday, November 2, 2015

Rupert turned ONE!!

Rupert is already 13 months now but I wanted to share his first birthday! I think he had a good time! :) We took him to Joes Farmgrill where he enjoyed some pancakes and to Oregano's where we sang to him and shared some pazzokie. First birthdays are funny because Rupert won't really remember what happened but we still wanted to celebrate his day and make it fun for the kids.
Every month I took a picture of him and posted it on Instagram. Sort of wish I did this with all the kids! Babies grow so much that first year, so it's been great seeing that! So far the first year is my favorite age. Rupert is such a mama's boy most of the time, he has a very contagious smile, has 8 teeth, and was my earliest walker.
We really couldn't imagine life without him. Happy birthday Rupert Francis! We love you!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

(^^ traditional doorway pic ^^)
This year has flown by just wanted to pop in to share our Halloween costumes.  Oldest to youngest: farmer, Pocahontas, Egyptian pharaoh, gypsy, Tiger Lily, cave man baby. Last night we went trick or treating in two neighborhoods and went to a friend's house who had a fire going and Andrew took the older two to a Haunted House down an alley in the neighborhood. The weekend wore us all out but we had a good time!
Really looking forward to a new month. I love November! It means thanksgiving and my birthday are right around the corner. This year I turn 30! Good this happening for sure!