Monday, July 30, 2012

scenes from the weekend

This past weekend we planned to go to the lake, but the girls got sick.  Then we planned a picnic at the park for dinner, but it started to rain as soon as we left the house.  I know it's monsoon season but who knew it was going to rain three weekends in a row!  It's not very likely here in the desert!  Thanks to Andrew we were able to come up with some impromptu plans that made everyone happy.  After an indoor picnic we had the kids clean their room and get ready for bed to earn some "movie $" to go to the movies in our living room.  The kids loved this.
Dessert was covered when my visiting teacher dropped this peppermint oreo ice cream pie over.
Thanks Becky, it was so good!

I'm sure I mentioned it before, but nearly every Sunday night all my family hang out at my parent's house.  We are all pretty close and we like to use this time to catch up and let the cousins play.  Natalie turned one so Sara brought cupcakes!
Oh, and a policeman stopped by.  Yea, it was a hit and run in front of the house, but no licence plate number, so no justice.  At least Elliot got to take a picture.  He was really excited!  The policeman asked if he was a celebrity.  I told him he is to my kids!

Friday, July 27, 2012

dream home

While we were in Colorado this May I discovered a new hobby of mine: driving through lovely neighborhoods and photographing beautiful houses.  I had serious neighborhood envy!  Oh the trees, the yards, the general greenery, the lovely brick homes.  I could picture myself in almost all of these!  When we would see a beautiful house with a "for sale" sign it took every ounce of self control to not call and set up an appointment to view the inside as a potential buyer.  Am i right in thinking this is normal? 
Right now my home is far from perfect.  It needs painting outside, new windows, and lots of little things here and there.  But what home doesn't need projects?
  I am really grateful Andrew and I own our home.
We've lived in it over three years and it already holds so many precious memories.
I suppose we can move somewhere else but right now our home needs us and we need it.
In the mean time I have superb ideas for gardening and home decor and am coming up with some lovely color schemes for external paint.
Bit by bit we are getting there.
These houses aren't comparable to castles by any means, but to me they all look cozy and perfect for raising a family.  Which ones caught your eye?  I love the third and last!

Monday, July 23, 2012

cupcakes sound gooooood

I had so much fun making cupcakes for Elliot's birthday party I couldn't resist making some more.  This time from scratch.  The great thing about these recipes is the cupcake is fast and easy to bake and doesn't dirty a lot of dishes.  In fact, it's called One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes.  Ha!  That's uncommon for Martha Stewart!  Also, the Basic Buttercream Frosting consists of only three ingredients.  Just for the record, I preferred the cupcake and Andrew preferred the frosting.  What have you been baking recently?
p.s. Thank you Martha for your yummy recipes, 
thank you Mom for lending me 3 sticks of butter to make this happen,
and thank you family for helping me eat these cupcakes!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 candles, one wish

Yesterday marked the day of me being a mother for 5 years.  I'll always think of Elliot's birthday like that because he will always be my first.  I set up this cute display for his birthday party but it didn't even last half an hour with the rain and water balloon fight.  It was all for me anyway.  Elliot was oblivious to my efforts in making his day aesthetically pleasing because he was too busy playing with his toys and being with friends. That's the way it should be.  I can't imagine life without my boy.  He's my Peter Pan, except somehow he keeps growing.  Children always do that.  Reach a milestone before I'm ready and without permission.

Friday, July 13, 2012

book review: Seeking Persephone

Seeking Persephone is one of those wanna be Jane Austen novels by  LDS author Sarah M. Eden and let me tell you, I loved it!  Don't judge this book by it's cheesy cover.  It may be a fairly predictable love story about a marriage of convenience but it was well written and a quick read.  In this book you read about the Duke of Kielder marrying a stranger (Persphone) on a whim in hopes of producing an heir to his land and title.  The Duke is determined to protect his heart and Persephone persists to try to get to know and care for him.  This book feels a little bit like Beauty and the Beast with some parallels to the story about Persophone and Hates in Greek Mythology.  If you are in the need for a clean, soppy romance this is the book for you!  This book is also the prequel to Courting Miss Lancaster, which I also read and loved.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pete and Em family pics

The other day Julie and I took pictures of our brother's family.  They are such a sweet family with THREE boys!  Such handsome little guys.  Peter frequently reminds me how nice it must be to have children with both genders so I don't have to wonder if I'll ever have the a girl (or boy).  Pete and Emily just dying for a girl but adore their boys.
I like how they all look like brothers but have their own looks and personalities, of course!
The hardest part about taking family pictures, especially with kids, is getting a good one with everyone.  That's why Julie and I made a good team.  She distracted the boys so I could get some of Peter and Emily.  She also took some of Dean and Robinson on the playground but I haven't seen them yet.  These are all from my camera.  I really love a good candid shot!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

sewing project: floating balloons nightgown

I said before that I wanted to make a light nightgown for Avery since it's so hot and here is the finished result.  This gown turned out perfect but it has one flaw: it's practically transparent!  I guess that's a good flaw for summer pjs but I probably should have doubled the fabric so she's more modest at breakfast.  The important thing is that she likes it and it fits.  So what should I sew next?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

sewing project: cotton collar top

I managed to sew two things for Avery last month.  This little number was fun up until the collar.  Without a pattern I messed up the curve of the collar so you can see it in the front but I like to pretend it was intentional.  My favorite part about this shirt is the fabric.  Do you recognize it?  It used to be my old nursing cover.  I love recycling!  Happy Independence Day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

a dirty getaway

Over a week ago we wanted a little adventure so we went camping.  Last October was the first time we camped out as a family but it was at Camp Geronimo with my brother's stake so there were toilets and food was provided.  This time we did everything au naturel (and by that I mean 'in the natural state' not 'naked'!)  We invited some family to join us and we had a wonderful, dirty time!  The only thing that could have made it better was a camp fire but since we are in a drought we did just fine with camping stoves.
The best part about camping is escaping virtual reality and taking time to enjoying life:  fresh air,beautiful scenery, and family.  Not to mention excellent meals cooked by the men.  We went home a different color thanks to caked on dirt but it was all worth it just for one night.  Andrew wants to camp two nights next time but I don't think I can manage that long without a proper shower.  What about you?