Monday, July 23, 2012

cupcakes sound gooooood

I had so much fun making cupcakes for Elliot's birthday party I couldn't resist making some more.  This time from scratch.  The great thing about these recipes is the cupcake is fast and easy to bake and doesn't dirty a lot of dishes.  In fact, it's called One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes.  Ha!  That's uncommon for Martha Stewart!  Also, the Basic Buttercream Frosting consists of only three ingredients.  Just for the record, I preferred the cupcake and Andrew preferred the frosting.  What have you been baking recently?
p.s. Thank you Martha for your yummy recipes, 
thank you Mom for lending me 3 sticks of butter to make this happen,
and thank you family for helping me eat these cupcakes!

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  1. They look wonderful. Too bad I don't get to bake with chocolate at my house. Actually it is a good thing cause I would have to eat all of it. I have been baking everything made with zucchini. It is that time of year you know. I also made apple rolls, one of Rod's favorites from when he was a kid. (I had to use up the bisquik and some apples.) You just mix up the biscuit dough, roll it out, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and grated apple, roll it up and cut like cinnamon rolls. Then pour hot sugar syrup over them till they float. Bake till brown on top. Serve warm with ice cream or milk poured on top. The syrup makes a sweet jelly on the bottom. yum!