Friday, March 4, 2011

just you and me

With school, work, kids, and races Andrew and I don't have much time
to spend together - just the two of us.
But when we do, we have fun.
We play card games,
we watch movies,
we wrestle.

The other day we had fun editing
some photos of each other.

This first one is his favorite.

The next two became our profile pictures on facebook.

Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do . . . . . as long as you're together.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Del Sol Ragnar

I thought I'd better blog about the ragnar relay race last weekend
before my next race . . . in two days!

Aaaa! I'm excited to be running a half marathon for my first time but I'm also nervous. I've never ran more than 10(ish) miles and, as you know, a half marathon is 13.1 miles. At least I'll be running with my cousin, Elizabeth. She ran the ragnar with me.

Del Sol Ragnar: 197.3 miles
We had a lot of fun.
What makes a ragnar so difficult is the fact that you're
eating at weird times,
running at weird times,
and not really sleeping for two days.
I loved getting to know the girls in my van better.
They are all such inspirations to me.
In a Ragnar relay there is always one person running from each team (each team has 12 runners that each run three legs- or runs), so in the Friday picture Melissa is missing since she was running and in the Saturday picture I was missing.

My first leg was 4.5 miles. Running for Nie was in first place and I second place was right behind me during the whole 4.5 miles but I kept the lead at a 9.3 minute per mile pace.

My second leg was 6.5 miles. This was my only night run and I brought us to Anthem. This was my best run. My pace felt great at a 9.5 minute per mile pace.

My third leg was 5.6 miles. Having slept under 6 hours total over the course of the two previous days, the hilly terrain taking me into Fountain Hills was very difficult but I managed to finish with a fast sprint, which was a personal highlight of the race.

The team crossed the finish line together at Tempe Town Lake.
It felt so good to finish the race.
Almost as good as a shower felt.
Above is my cousin with her supportive husband and cute boys.
I feel so blessed to have a healthy body so I can run races.
I also feel blessed to have such an amazing, supportive husband.
(In the picture he's saying I'm #1.)
I'm such a lucky girl.