Wednesday, May 31, 2017

another tooth fairy visit

Today was the first day we used the family pass to go to a school pool.  Today it was Stapley Aquatic Center.  Half the time Rupert ran off needing freedom, and the other half he stayed close to me or insisted I hold him.  That's how he is at home too! :)

I got this swimsuit on sale and I love it.  Downeast swimsuits surprised me with their cute styles and quality this year.  I believe in investing in swimsuits you feel good in.  That way you don't mind about showing so much skin.
In other news Avery lost another tooth!  This time Elliot knocked a fort over and some piled up books knocked it out.  It was painful and bloody, and if it were left to Avery that tooth would have held on a few more weeks.  On the bright side she'll have another tooth fairy visit!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

summer goals

Today felt like the first real day of summer break, what with camping and Memorial Day celebrations.  Elliot started summer band, which he wasn't looking forward to.  That is until he had a lesson with my sister Julie on the new hard song he got today.  Avery started level 4 swim lessons at Kino which she was really scared about, but when I picked her up she was so excited to tell me about her new friend Julie. Now she can't wait to go tomorrow!

I also met with the kids individually to plan out their little summer chore charts.  Normal daily things like brushing their teeth, reading their scriptures, practice piano and then some fun new ones.  Zara wants to jump on the trampoline every day! :) We recently started having them earn computer time now.  For every minute they read they get a minute on the computer up to 30 minutes each day.  Right now I only let them on websites their school recommended here and here.  I like these because they aren't just fun, they learn things and do math along the way.

I have my own goals this summer.
1. blog every day
2. take more pictures with my DSLR camera
3. work on Andrew's family's pedigree charts/geneology

What are your summer goals?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

 Memorial Day is the best because it's one of the few holidays Andrew doesn't work.  He choose to spend the majority of his day installing a ceiling fan in the girl's bedroom.  He installed one in the boy's room on Saturday and it took him 4 hours.  Today wasn't much different.  While he worked I went shopping and prepared for the family BBQ tonight.  Oh, and took the kids to this amazing water slide!
My running buddy, Rachel Willis, invited us over to her parent's house where they rented this amazing water slide.  It's their annual tradition.  They have an amazing back yard!  After the slide the girls were going down their zip line.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.  Tonight our family BBQ was at Falcon Field.  It was a smaller group this time; my parents, Pete and his boys, Sara and kids (sans DJ), and us.
^ ^  COUSINS!!!  ^ ^
 ^ ^ Natalie wanted to be the photo bomber. ^ ^
 ^ ^ notice those Rupert fingerprints in the frosting :) ^ ^

I brought both of these desserts: one bowl chocolate cake and mini fruit pizzas.  Normally I love me some chocolate anything with nuts, but the fruit pizzas were a little more popular tonight.
^ ^ The big kids played Four Square. ^ ^
^ ^  that cheeky grin ;) ^ ^
^ ^ Zara is a pro at sliding down this. ^ ^
I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Airplane Flats

We had such a great time camping this weekend.  Some of us adults even talked about it being a new tradition to camp over Memorial Day weekend.  It was such a great way to start our summer break.  The kids were in heaven.  Playing with cousins, getting dirty, all the freedom.  This was my second time camping at Airplane Flats.  We like it because even with the high fire risk we were able to have camp fires in the metal rings provided.  There are also a couple tree swings and the creek in walking distance.  Last time we also hiked to the fish hatchery not far away.  We lucked out and had perfect weather.  A little chilly at night but perfect around the campfire. 
The girls picked all these yellow wild flowers.  Color really stands out in this state, whether you're in the desert or the mountains.
 Sara with her bunch.  She was also going solo because DJ is studying for the bar.
 Julie and James planned it right and got there a day before us.  It takes so much work to load the car, set up camp and take it down so it's nice they got to stay another day before packing up.  You can tell the kids were really happy to play with cousins when we got there though.
 We all planned meals for our own families but ended up sharing which turned out great.  Here's what I planned for the weekend:
Friday dinner - Macaroni and Cheese, taco salad (with normal chips), and smores (my parents shared hotdogs with the kids too)
Saturday breakfast - yogurt parfaits, farmer's breakfast
Saturday lunch - breakfast burrito leftovers
snacks - watermelon, banana peanut butter muffins, pretzels, cornnuts. . .
 ^ ^ Sara was smart to bring this for Katherine. ^ ^
Have you ever had a smore with a reeses candy?  Try it!  Even without Andrew it was so fun.  I think I'll take the kids camping again in July.  But only if there are cousins there to play with. :)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Avery's lost tooth

Avery lost her third tooth today!  Those two baby ones fell out a long time ago so it's been a while.  She has been working on this big tooth for weeks, if not longer.  Right before we headed home from our camping trip she looked in the mirror in the car and twisted it and it popped right out!  I love that big smile.  I'll miss her little girl smile but this gap will be fun to get used to.  She can't wait to wake up tomorrow to see what the tooth fairy leaves her. :)
^ ^ earlier today ^ ^
^ ^ right after it fell out ^ ^
Now Jojo and Avery have matching cousin smiles.  Come back tomorrow for a few more camping photos.

Friday, May 26, 2017

last school day

Yesterday was the last day of school!  I helped in Elliot's class party and his teacher's expression said "Just take them home".  She's been a wonderful teacher and I have so much respect for her but I know that expression. :)  These teachers deserve a 3 month break!
^ ^ Mrs. Sanders and Elliot ^ ^
(not posted, Mrs. Anderson and Avery)

 It was also Zara's last day of preschool today.  She's had the opportunity to have two preschools this year.  The neighborhood one with Miss Jen who Elliot and Avery had, and Keller Elementary through the city of Mesa.  She is special needs and needed help with Language Articulation and was able to be in this free program.  Zara has really grown through this program, it's been such a blessing.  After her water party at Keller she put herself down for a nap!  These kids also deserve this three month break!

Right now I'm watching our good friends the Weber's 4 kids, and Sara is bringing her 5 kids over before heading up to the mountains to join Julie and James, and Peter is bringing his 3 boys over while he's at work.  So at one point there will be 16 kids here this morning.  An excellent way for the kids to start their summer!  This afternoon we're also headed to the mountains with my parents so we'll have a great group there tonight.  I'm looking forward to cooler weather up north because it's warming up here!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer break is nearly here!

School ends in two days! Elliot is finishing up 4th grade, Avery 2nd, and Zara her last year of preschool.  This picture is super random.  My brother DJ graduated from law school a couple Saturdays ago.  The picture I wanted to share from my phone wasn't working, or anything else, and this one was on my desktop so here you go!
^^^ Porters on the left, Sara and DJ in the middle, my parents on the right. ^^^

Last summer I had a little goal to share a blogpost every day and I did pretty well.  It's time to start that up again, since I haven't shared anything here since last summer!  I never shared our CA trip with my in-laws at the very end of the summer last year and that was sooo fun!  We need to get back to the beach soon, for sure.

Summers are great because I get so much more time with the older kids.  I want to remember these summers and all the fun we have.  I think I might also share some catch up as well like that CA trip last year :), Avery's baptism, and our Seattle trip last fall.  

Are you ready for summer?  What are your plans? I'd love to hear.  So far we have one trip to Missouri planned.