Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer break is nearly here!

School ends in two days! Elliot is finishing up 4th grade, Avery 2nd, and Zara her last year of preschool.  This picture is super random.  My brother DJ graduated from law school a couple Saturdays ago.  The picture I wanted to share from my phone wasn't working, or anything else, and this one was on my desktop so here you go!
^^^ Porters on the left, Sara and DJ in the middle, my parents on the right. ^^^

Last summer I had a little goal to share a blogpost every day and I did pretty well.  It's time to start that up again, since I haven't shared anything here since last summer!  I never shared our CA trip with my in-laws at the very end of the summer last year and that was sooo fun!  We need to get back to the beach soon, for sure.

Summers are great because I get so much more time with the older kids.  I want to remember these summers and all the fun we have.  I think I might also share some catch up as well like that CA trip last year :), Avery's baptism, and our Seattle trip last fall.  

Are you ready for summer?  What are your plans? I'd love to hear.  So far we have one trip to Missouri planned.


  1. Our schools don't get out until June 27th :( But I have plans to explore all around this beautiful area!

    1. Wow, so late! I love seeing all the fun places you're going. Such a beautiful state.