Sunday, July 31, 2016

Camping at See Canyon

I've been talking to my dad for weeks about taking the kids camping and this past weekend we finally were able to do it! Just in time too, since we're in California this week with my in-laws, and then school starts.
So glad we squeezed a camping trip in this summer because we had such a great time. The kids were in heaven with all the rocks, sticks, and bugs to play with. We were also right next to a creek which was cool and refreshing.
It's been a year since I camped and I forgot how dirty everything gets, and no plumbing!! But it was worth it for a day or two. :) My favorite part was the beauty of our AZ forests and the smell and pine and fresh air. Especially right after a rain! 
Andrew joined us Friday afternoon since he had work. We went a s little hiked with us Saturday morning to see the source of the creek. Such a beautiful hike, and very doable for kids (only a mile or two long).  See Canyon has definitely become a new favorite campsite of ours!

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