Saturday, July 16, 2016

Elliot's party

Today was not a great day for a party. It's the middle of July and it's hot!! Elliot really wanted to play basketball at his birthday party so we really only had two options: book a church building and hope the kids don't play on the stage the whole time, or go to a park and risk heat exhaust. We went with option 2 and brought lots of water.:)
We picked a park with a shaded playground area and it worked out! My nephew Dean won the limbo game and even Rupert had a good time with the basketball. Mostly the kids played on the playground.
Later I took Avery on a date. McDonald's smoothies are actually pretty good! Andrew and I like to take turns taking the kids out on dates each month.
For our date tonight Andrew and I went to Joyride Tacos for the first time. My salad was amazing! There was arugula, red cabbage, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoe, sunflower seeds, quinoa, bulgar, and a light dressing. This photo doesn't do it justice! Andrew's burrito was also very filling and appetizing. Next time we'll get tacos though since they're kinda the restaurant's specialty (hence the name).:)

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