Thursday, July 25, 2013

Martin wedding | part 1

Almost two weeks ago my best friend, Julie Dangerfield, got married to James Martin.  I have to mention this irony but my sister, Julie, also married a James and their last name is Manning.  So I have two Julie and James M's is my life that are very important to me.
Julie was absolutely glowing and beautiful and stunning and even those words don't do her justice.  I can only imagine how James felt.  Lucky guy!  It was wonderful being a part of their sealing and wedding day and I enjoyed snapping some pictures and being the Matron of Honor (yes!).  Such a mature title, and a true honor.
Julie, you have wonderful years ahead of you!  I'm so glad you found your other half!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ammon and Ruth wedding part 3

Every wedding in our family I try to get inner-family pictures. 
I didn't get everyone this time but here are a few.
^ ^ Let's just say it was a long day. ^ ^
^ ^ Loving Nora's belly and DJ and Sara's recent edition. ^ ^
^ ^ Two more pregnant bellies. ^ ^
^ ^ Very sweet! ^ ^
^ ^ All the sisters and sils (sister-in-laws)! ^ ^

And that's a wrap with Ruth's wedding pics!  See more on the photographer's website.  I especially love the reception pictures. Most of mine didn't turn out very well.

A&R wedding part 1 and  part 2

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ammon and Ruth wedding part 2

Watching Ruth get sealed (married) in the temple was such a special thing for my family.  Andrew and I kept reflecting on out wedding day and I'm sure many others in the family were doing the same.  Ruth is the last and eighth child to be married in the very same temple, and both of my parent's parents were also married there so it was kind of a big deal.
^ ^ Look at how much the Stapley family has grown. ^ ^ 
^ ^ Hey look at those handsome boys of mine! ^ ^
^ ^ Avery kept trying to pick all the flowers and teaching Zara to do the same. ^ ^
^ ^ All the nieces, minus Hazel. ^ ^
 ^ ^ Ruth fits right in with the Opie family. ^ ^
If I'm being honest, I was kind of grumpy when Ruth announced she was engaged, and it has nothing to do with Ammon.  I was too caught up with the fact that she just turned 19 and only a few months before she said she wanted to go on a mission.  The truth is, Ammon and Ruth are just right for each other and this is their time.  Their marriage will be beautiful and it was the right thing for them. I know because that's how it is for Andrew and me.  There were those that didn't think we were right for each other, but we knew being together was right and that's what is important.  We have grown up together, and continue to, and I love Andrew more today than I ever have before.  The close relationships in our lives make life so magnificent.

Ammon and Ruth wedding part 1 here.

Friday, July 5, 2013

June snapshots

Looking at these pictures it's hard to believe how fast time as flown.  Is it really already July 5th?  June was a special month. It was the month my baby sister, Ruth, got married.  I also threw her and my best friend Julie Dangerfield bridal showers.  Julie D. and I went to an Idina Menzel concert.  She put on an amazing performance!  In June we celebrated Father's Day, I had my first root canal (blah!), Zara started saying "mama" voluntarily (this is progress!), and we did whatever we could to keep cool and hydrated.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

Considering nearly half our family are British Citizens we really had a fabulous Independence Day.  July 4th has never been a favorite of mine but I wanted to make it fun for the kids.  We need more traditions in this house!!
We started off the day finding and wearing all the red, white, and blue we could dig up.  Avery didn't have much red so I made her a headband.  Andrew went to work early so he could be home by noon and I felt so spoiled to have him all afternoon.  He's doing the same thing tomorrow.  Yay!
This year we celebrated the holiday with just us.  Andrew grilled some sausages, I made a delicious ice cream pie, we watched a movie, and had a lot of fun.
 And you can't forget the sparklers!
^ ^ Andrew made a heart for me! ^ ^
My mom stopped by for a little bit since my Dad is camping all week so she was in on the dessert and sparklers.  I think after today Independence Day is becoming a new favorite of ours.