Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

Considering nearly half our family are British Citizens we really had a fabulous Independence Day.  July 4th has never been a favorite of mine but I wanted to make it fun for the kids.  We need more traditions in this house!!
We started off the day finding and wearing all the red, white, and blue we could dig up.  Avery didn't have much red so I made her a headband.  Andrew went to work early so he could be home by noon and I felt so spoiled to have him all afternoon.  He's doing the same thing tomorrow.  Yay!
This year we celebrated the holiday with just us.  Andrew grilled some sausages, I made a delicious ice cream pie, we watched a movie, and had a lot of fun.
 And you can't forget the sparklers!
^ ^ Andrew made a heart for me! ^ ^
My mom stopped by for a little bit since my Dad is camping all week so she was in on the dessert and sparklers.  I think after today Independence Day is becoming a new favorite of ours. 


  1. Ok. That icecream pie looks amazing!

  2. I love your family pictures and the banner too! Did you have a friend snap them or use a tripod? The pie looks scrumptious!

    1. Thanks! The banner was from I love that site and most of it is free. We used a tripod.