Wednesday, July 18, 2018

newest niece: baby Seymore

 Nora had her baby at the wee hours of this morning! The whole family has been praying for her because Garrett has been away the last 5+ weeks for military basic training and they move to Colorado in less than two weeks.  Nora is a trooper, she just amazes me. Being pregnant with my sister is one of the best things ever.  Having baby girls so close together has been amazing, I'm just sad they're moving so soon.
Aubrey Liesl Seymore 8 lbs. 5 oz.
She has round cheeks, looks more like her sister than brother, and has perfect pink skin.
 Cousins 11 weeks apart.
In our family it's tradition to give a 5 layer brownie from Sweet Cakes to the mother who just had a baby.  Sara got mine after Beatrix.  It's pretty epic!  Since we visited before it opened we picked up a brownie from AJ's, the next best thing.  She's still get her 5 layer brownie later!
Congrats to the Seymores' for baby 3!!!

Friday, June 29, 2018

a summer Thursday

My oldest and youngest looking cozy.  We all adore Beatrix.  This is at Mesa High, our favorite free lunch spot.  We like to go right after Rupert's swim lesson and Zara's swim team at Kino.
Love these goofballs. :)
 Thursdays are our swim meet days.  This week Mesa High hosted.  The kids get there at 5:15 and the meet starts at 6:00.  Zara is in the 5-6 age group, we have no swimmers in the middle age group, and Elliot and Avery are in the 9-10 age group.  This week's swim stroke was breast stroke.  If the swimmers don't swim correctly they are disqualified and get a participation ribbon instead of 1-8 place ribbon.  None of our kids disqualified, although Zara wasn't consistent.  We are so proud of how hard they push themselves and do their best!
 Third place!
Sixth place!
 They each got two ribbons.  One for their individual race, and one for relay.  They have to qualify for relay earlier in the week to compete and Elliot was the only one that qualified this week, so we were surprised when Zara and Avery ended up doing relay as well!  Elliot has qualified all four meets, this was Avery's third relay to swim, and Zara's first!  How is Elliot a foot taller than Avery!  They are a year closer in age than the girls are. :)  
Beatrix was so content the first half of the meet before crying.  She did so good, just a little hungry.
 To celebrate finishing all 4 swim meets (freestyle, back stroke, butterfly and breast stroke) we took them to Zoyo's, a favorite frozen yogurt place of ours.  Some of the kids got more candy toppings than frozen yogurt but oh well.
This was my best one yet!  Chocolate and vanilla swirl with oreo and fudge, and blackberry frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries.  Amazing!!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Father of FIVE

 I still haven't shared about our little baby apart from a mention in yesterdays post but we had a baby and we love her so much!  I'm crazy about her and love these photos Julie Larson took less than two weeks after she was born so I'll share some daddy ones here in honor of Father's Day yesterday. 

We never met Julie before the shoot but I found her through instagram and love her work.  She's so talented and was so great to work with, I totally recommend her for baby or family photos.  I mean, it helps that we have a perfect baby to photograph and some cute kids. ;)

* Pure magic! *

Andrew is such a fun and patient dad.  He balances me out so well in parenting.  He comes up with great solutions when we're struggling with a child, even when I think my ideas are better at first. ;)  Andrew is a hard working and is a good balance between being laid back but not settling.

And look at that beautiful little face!  She's already grown since this picture and I'm trying to soak up every moment with her but it's still going too fast.  It's hard knowing she's our last but we feel good about it too.

I'll make sure to share some more photos because they are so good!  I also haven't written the birth story anywhere yet so maybe I'll do that later this week.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!  Today was pretty low-key as far as Father's Days have been today.  Elliot and I made Andrew a smoothie for breakfast (part of what he asked for) but it wasn't served in bed.  I got Andrew some fancy, manly protein powder (not just the Target brand I usually get) and a card from all of us but that's pretty much it.

Oh, and I gave him a couple for any class he wants to sign up for.  He told me a week or so ago for Father's Day he wanted to take a landscape photography, or grilling, or guitar class.  I had no idea what to sign him up for or where, especially because he's so busy with work and as YM President.  Hence the coupon.  He already sign up for a couple private swim lessons with that coupon.  He wants to work on breathing technique so he can do better at the triathlon this fall.

Oh, and I made a yummy salmon dinner which Andrew loves, something I never cook.  Sooo good.

^ ^ ^ Rupert is holding Andrew's Father's Day card. :) ^ ^ ^

Life has been pretty amazing but busy in my world lately.  Beatrix will be 7 weeks old tomorrow and she's a normal baby that needs to nurse often and be with mom a lot.  I love my babies, and having 4 other kids at home is a handful every day this summer break.

I had two goals this summer:

1. to read to the kids every night //
I have been doing this!  We're over half way through The Secret Garden.  We're going to watch the movie after we finish it.

2.  to publish a blog post at least 5 times a week //
I hadn't even started this until tonight!  Hopefully this will jump start me into the rest of summer.  It's not like I'm not taking pictures constantly. (hello new baby!!) Blogging is something I've made an effort of the last two summers and I didn't last long last year.  It's not that I don't love to blog, because I do!, it just takes time and summer wears me out and now I'm nursing a couple times in the night (Beatrix is a great sleeper though) and sleep is a higher priority mostly.  

Well anyway we have been having a great summer so stay tuned for more updates. :)

Life is beautiful with a baby.  She's just beautiful and magical and the best.  This picture with my dad is from yesterday.  So grateful for an amazing dad (who just retired last month!), and for Nev my father in law, and Andrew who is such a good daddy to our 5 babies!

Friday, April 6, 2018

swimsuits and sprinklers

Andrew got off work extra early today to take the boys on a Fathers and Sons camping trip this weekend.  Rupert almost didn't go because he's had a stomach bug the last couple days but this morning he was doing much better.  This is Rupert's second time going and last time he really missed me and his home and bed.  I hope he does better this time!  Elliot is a pro.  This summer he turns 11 and will be an 11 year old scout and will love camping with the other scouts a couple times a year.  Good prep for Boy Scouts.
 I'm so glad I got to spend some time with my girlies while the boys camp!  The girls helped me pot some flowers for the front porch and wanted to cool off in the sprinklers afterwards.  They've recently watched the movie "Leap" about a ballerina and now they love making their own dance moves.  It's been a while since I've had the girls in any dance classes and I'm thinking I should sign them up again this summer!  They would love it.
 On the trampoline with the sprinklers they just danced to their heart's content.
 I love seeing how they express themselves.
 Dancing has never been something I've been comfortable doing.  I just don't like how my body moves and am very self conscious.  It's a good thing they inherited their dad's confidence in dancing. :)
We love these mix and match swimsuits from Kortni Jeane.  I have a few tops and bottoms too!  They are based in Utah but apparently they have a warehouse sale in Utah and AZ twice a year.  This is wear we got the swimsuits a month or so ago.  They're too pricey full price so I loved getting a good deal!  The girls would look cute in anything but I believe in investing in good swimwear.  It's when you show the most skin in public so quality and fit are important and these swimsuits are great!
Aren't they the sweetest?
Tonight their cousin Josie came over to spend the night.  They had a tea party, watched Ballet Shoes, styled their hair and did all things girly.  I hope Andrew takes some good pictures of the boys because I miss them. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Happy Easter!

 How was your Easter?  This year felt extra special because it was also General Conference.  And a very special conference with Pres. Nelson as our prophet for the first time, and two new apostles, several temples announced, and revelations about Ministering and combining the Elders Quorum and High Priests.  So many exciting things!  I was also able to take notes on every single talk, something that I haven't done in a very long time!
Love this family of mine!

On Saturday the kids dyed their eggs the same why we always do.  With crayons, rubber bands, and simple egg dye.  Elliot liked helping everyone else, giving them artistic tips and ideas and then dyed his all super fast last.  Rupert and Zara liked to get their hands into it and dipping their eggs into multiple colors.  They all took pride in their designs.
First thing Sunday morning the kids woke Andrew and me up to do their Easter egg hunting!  In our family the Easter Bunny hides the hard boiled eggs in the front yard and plastic eggs in the back.
Always counting and to make sure everyone got the same number.

 ^^ Zara got the golden egg this year.  ^^
It has more candy than the others which makes it a little more special. :)
This year we fed the missionaries so I made the Easter dinner a little more special.  Andrew was in charge of the ham and mashed potatoes and I did the rest.  
 ^^ These were Elliot's favorite nest cupcakes. ^^
 Here are the recipes we used:
+ ham (costco)
mashed potatoes
brussell sprouts (we added bacon instead of pancetta)
broccoli casserole (Zara loved this)
+ rolls (I used my brother's recipe but these are similar)
pineapple fluff (very sweet, I think next time I'll play around with the recipe so it's less sweet)
cupcakes (I made a buttercream frosting instead of the one in this recipe because I'm not a fan of cream cheese frosting.)
Andrew and I both decided the food was good but we prefer more simple flavors so that's what we're going to do next time.
Happy Easter!!