Thursday, August 23, 2012

he and me

Before the Johnson's moved and Nora and Garrett moved back we took the opportunity to take some family pictures at the park near my parent's house across from the temple.  A friend did most of the photography but I brought my camera for fun.  I took a video of all the parents trying to get the kids in one place for a grandchildren picture.  Ha ha!  Both of my parent's have a baby in each arm and the other kids were all over the place but it was just about what we expected.  13 grandchildren is a lot!

In a few weeks we will have met 8 years ago!  I love looking back and thinking of all the memories we've made together and seeing how much we've grown.  Life gets better and better, and that's why you marry your best friend!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Johnson family pics

Since Stanley, Louise, Hazel, and Steven are moving soon they asked me to take some family pictures.  I am no professional but I am one of two people in my family that have a nice camera and am more than willing so I had a lot of fun doing their photo session.

Louise is from Mesa, Stanley is from Nevada and they met and started their marriage in Utah.  Now Stanley is doing his internship in CA and they don't know where they're living after that so having the pictures at the temple where Stanley proposed to Louise was important to them.

It's been great watching their family grow!

Friday, August 10, 2012

all in just a week

Lately I've been feeling like there haven't been enough hours in the day!  Right now us Freeman's are in transition.  We traded in our Mitsubishi Montero Sport and got a Honda Odyssey.  It was hard for us to say goodbye to our old SUV.  I didn't really want to become a mini-van mom but Andrew and I really love our new car and can't wait to take it on a trip!

Elliot started kindergarden!  *Aaaa*  It's been exciting for him but since he's only doing half day I still get him all afternoon.  Next week Avery starts pre-school.  We had a back to school party with a giant water slide to celebrate!

We also went to the lake last Saturday.  This was only the second time for Sir Freedom Fred but this time we tried out a new, much better, paddle.  It's been so sunny that Andrew and I still burned, even though we were only at the lake for a couple hours in the morning.  I still can't believe we're living in 115 degree weather!

Louise and Stanley's family are moving out in the next week and a half.  This will really change our life!  They moved in while we were in England last December and we have learned all sorts of things about having house-mates.  We love the Johnsons but with Stanley's classes ending it's time they moved on.

So, life is full of changes over here!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

believe in you

I've been trying to get into training mentality since I have a long road to go for that triathlon in November but it feels good to accomplish small goals.

For one, a three mile run is getting much more comfortable and my pace is slowly quickening.  Also, my seat isn't as sore after a 5 mile bike ride.  A couple pounds have been shed that will not return!  Now, this one is particularly difficult for me while nursing.

Recently I found this quote below and it's sort of become my motto.  Pretty sure it's going up in my house somewhere.
I just love what we are capable of, if we just let ourselves.
The Olympics have been a good example of that.  Have you been watching?  I have two teams I'm rooting for. Team USA and GB!
BTY, Made these today.  They're amazing!