Friday, August 10, 2012

all in just a week

Lately I've been feeling like there haven't been enough hours in the day!  Right now us Freeman's are in transition.  We traded in our Mitsubishi Montero Sport and got a Honda Odyssey.  It was hard for us to say goodbye to our old SUV.  I didn't really want to become a mini-van mom but Andrew and I really love our new car and can't wait to take it on a trip!

Elliot started kindergarden!  *Aaaa*  It's been exciting for him but since he's only doing half day I still get him all afternoon.  Next week Avery starts pre-school.  We had a back to school party with a giant water slide to celebrate!

We also went to the lake last Saturday.  This was only the second time for Sir Freedom Fred but this time we tried out a new, much better, paddle.  It's been so sunny that Andrew and I still burned, even though we were only at the lake for a couple hours in the morning.  I still can't believe we're living in 115 degree weather!

Louise and Stanley's family are moving out in the next week and a half.  This will really change our life!  They moved in while we were in England last December and we have learned all sorts of things about having house-mates.  We love the Johnsons but with Stanley's classes ending it's time they moved on.

So, life is full of changes over here!

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