Thursday, August 2, 2012

believe in you

I've been trying to get into training mentality since I have a long road to go for that triathlon in November but it feels good to accomplish small goals.

For one, a three mile run is getting much more comfortable and my pace is slowly quickening.  Also, my seat isn't as sore after a 5 mile bike ride.  A couple pounds have been shed that will not return!  Now, this one is particularly difficult for me while nursing.

Recently I found this quote below and it's sort of become my motto.  Pretty sure it's going up in my house somewhere.
I just love what we are capable of, if we just let ourselves.
The Olympics have been a good example of that.  Have you been watching?  I have two teams I'm rooting for. Team USA and GB!
BTY, Made these today.  They're amazing!


  1. The olympics have got me ready to train again too. What do you do to train for the swim? Do you belong to a gym?

    1. I currently have a gym membership but i know Kino pool do passes. I'm not sure if they're a seasonal thing or year round. I know it's open year round for events though.