Friday, January 25, 2013

the family photographer

Over the past few weeks I had the opportunity to take some pictures for family.  The baby is Myles, my cousin Elizabeth's boy.  He is her third boy!  Bless her.  Very cute.
These four are my cousins.  I love their matching outfits.  These guys are so photogenic.
I've been having fun taking more pictures this year with my photo challenge.  I already see improvement and it's only been a few weeks.  Progress is so motivational!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a talent do be developed

The other day I made a new discovery.  I can paint.  I can paint watercolor.  On a whim I asked Andrew if I could try out his new water color paints (not without guilt because it was a Christmas gift and I'm notorious for gifting Andrew things I will also use, but he asked for them).  It was just for fun, but it really was fun.  I've never considered myself an artist so this was a happy surprise.  I look forward to painting more, although I should consider purchasing my own supplies.  It goes to show that you never know how good you might be at something until you try.  This painting is a result of trying to keep things interesting and fresh with my "picture at home each day" goal.  I am officially a convert to goal keeping, if I wasn't already.  Who knew?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 goals

It's taken me a while to settle on some goals and I still don't quite feel settled but I better write them down now before time runs away.  I'm hoping that my some of my goals will be habit much sooner than a year.  I also want to add a few goals here and there throughout the year to keep things fresh.

1. Take a picture everyday at home.  This is to motivate me to work on my home, improve my photography skills, and capture fun moments with the kids.
2. Stick to a budget and pay off the car.  I mean it!  I know I'm only a week in, but so far so good!
3. Pray every night with Andrew.
4. Go on two dates each month.  Why is it so hard to do this?!
5. Make a vimeo account and blog a few videos.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time.
6. Give blog design a face lift.  I want this blog to reflect me.
7.  Spend one-on-one time with kids each day.
8.  Obtain Avery and Zara's dual citizenship.  Yea!

I tried to keep it real this time.  My over all focuses this year will be to strengthen my relationship with my family and improve our home so it can be a place where we are happy and comfortable.  Andrew's family is visiting in a couple months so that gives a real deadline to many of the house projects we have already started.  Seriously, my house is a mess right now!  Please share a link of your goals this year.  I would love to read!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

two thousand twelve

2012 was a great year for us!  Here is a summary of the year.  We started the year in England where it was cold while Louise and Stanley moved into our house here in Arizona.  It was great spending the holidays with our England family and we miss them extra this year.  I was also 7 months along.  Pregnancy seems so long ago now.
In February I was still pregnant and had a maternity shoot .  On the 24th we welcomed Zara into our family. She was a gender surprise and now it's hard to believe we ever thought she might be a boy!
This year the Easter Pageant was extra special because my Dad had a special part in it.  It was also the month of Louise's baby shower and maternity shoot.  At the end of the month was the siblings rendezvous.
Avery turned 3 in April on our 6th year anniversary and shared a birthday party with Josie.  Hazel was born in their car (crazy!) on Easter morning and Zara was blessed in a dress I made.
In May Andrew completed his MBA (whew!!) and we were able to go to his graduation in Colorado (temple, zoo, capitol) sans Elliot and Avery.  I also obsessed over the gorgeous houses there.
For Father's Day I gifted Andrew with a pink kayak we named Sir Freedom Fred and enjoyed a few trips to the lake with him and squeezed in a camping trip at the end of the month with some family.
July was hot hot hot, as usual, so we had a water balloon fight with squirt guns at Elliot's birthday party.  I also did a photo shoot of Peter and Emily's family that turned out fabulous!  What a cute family.
August was a blur.  We sold our mitsubishi and bought a van, Elliot started school at Franklin East, Avery stared pre-school, I did a photo shoot of the Johnson family, and by the end of the month they moved out.
It felt good to get the office painted, carpeted, and redecorated this month.
It was Steven's room most of the year so that room is completely transformed.
My mom planned a family reunion and we carved some pumpkins in preparation for Halloween!
I beat my personal record on a sprint triathlon and did it with Andrew for the first time and we had a lovely Thanksgiving in November.
December was busy busy busy but a blast!  We went sledding for the first time, made a snowman named Kooky and spent Christmas morning at home.
We have a lot to look forward in 2013!
Happy New Year!!!