Thursday, September 29, 2011

remember to smile

I've been meaning to take a belly picture for a couple weeks now. I'm still at the awkward phase where most of the day I just look chubby. We ate out tonight and I ate and drank a lot so it allowed for a nice belly picture.

Things that made me smile:
-I felt baby move for the first time yesterday!
-Got my hair done today and was able to catch up with a good friend (my hair dresser). Two in one!
-We got an iPad yesterday. Andrew won it for free!
-Started another dress for Avery.
-Sang primary songs in the car with the kids. I'm the primary music leader so I get all excited when Elliot knows the words!
-Haven't thrown up in 3 days. Still feel sick though :(

When Andrew comes home from work he likes to ask me what made me smile that day. I think he does that because too often I'm tired and grouchy when he comes home. It helps me reflect on my day and count my blessings. I have such a great husband!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

inspiration board: blue top

Just wanted to share this cute top I made for Avery. My inspiration was from the dress (below) found somewhere online. If I had a link I would put one but I saved the picture many months ago. I love how simple but sweet the design is.
This really was a fun and quick project. Always room for improvement but that's life. On a side note, Andrew got back today and I am so happy! There is an essential balance in our home again.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Missing my #1

(cute picture of Elliot taken by my sister, Julie)
Andrew is in Washington DC for work and I miss him terribly.
Last month he went to Seattle for work for a few days and I didn't miss him as much.
I was too busy being hot and throwing up.
I think it's harder this time because it's the longest we've ever
been apart since we first got married.
Did you know we lived in separate countries
10 days after we got married for a month and a half?
Crazy, huh?
We also had a long distance dating relationship for a year.
This shouldn't be that hard for me, right?
I've done it before.
But he was too busy to contact me at all today.
A brief call or text would do.
You know, to check in on each other.
Andrew if you're reading this - please take a hint.
You're my better half,
my best friend,
my biggest support,
the love of my life,
and I miss you!
Maybe I shouldn't blog at night because I am way to emotional!
Well, I'm two lonely nights down, two to go.
I am so grateful Andrew isn't in the army!
p.s. I realize this post is about Andrew and has a picture of Elliot at the top. Too bad :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i'm back

I'm back and hopefully blogging somewhat regularly
after my much needed impromptu blog vacation.
I'm expecting, and with expecting
comes lots of sickness and, well, just not feeling myself.
Now that morning sickness is slowly subsiding(I'm 16 weeks)
and I'm able to function better, life is looking brighter.
New life is on the way.
I will be mother of three.
I have an amazing supportive husband.
I am healthy and strong.
I am still beautiful.
It was hard for me, at first, to except that
I can't run as fast.
But I can still run.
It was hard for me to except that
all those hard lost pounds will all come back.
But for the best reason.
It was hard for me to except that
my body isn't just my own right now.
But I'm ready to embrace motherhood all over again.
I've never struggled with getting pregnant
like so many I know.
That's something to truly be grateful for.
I feel very blessed.