Thursday, September 29, 2011

remember to smile

I've been meaning to take a belly picture for a couple weeks now. I'm still at the awkward phase where most of the day I just look chubby. We ate out tonight and I ate and drank a lot so it allowed for a nice belly picture.

Things that made me smile:
-I felt baby move for the first time yesterday!
-Got my hair done today and was able to catch up with a good friend (my hair dresser). Two in one!
-We got an iPad yesterday. Andrew won it for free!
-Started another dress for Avery.
-Sang primary songs in the car with the kids. I'm the primary music leader so I get all excited when Elliot knows the words!
-Haven't thrown up in 3 days. Still feel sick though :(

When Andrew comes home from work he likes to ask me what made me smile that day. I think he does that because too often I'm tired and grouchy when he comes home. It helps me reflect on my day and count my blessings. I have such a great husband!

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