Thursday, August 23, 2012

he and me

Before the Johnson's moved and Nora and Garrett moved back we took the opportunity to take some family pictures at the park near my parent's house across from the temple.  A friend did most of the photography but I brought my camera for fun.  I took a video of all the parents trying to get the kids in one place for a grandchildren picture.  Ha ha!  Both of my parent's have a baby in each arm and the other kids were all over the place but it was just about what we expected.  13 grandchildren is a lot!

In a few weeks we will have met 8 years ago!  I love looking back and thinking of all the memories we've made together and seeing how much we've grown.  Life gets better and better, and that's why you marry your best friend!


  1. Being married to your best friend makes everything easier.