Friday, July 22, 2016

Ups and downs

I've been pretty busy the last couple days that I didn't make time to post here. I could have made time but i was doing things that were more important or things that I just wanted to do more, like watching Netflix and listening to podcasts. Life. I find the longer you put something off the harder it is to do it.

This is me not putting blogging off. A part of me wanted to wait another day and post a super exciting post but it's been pretty normal summer life over here. Ups and downs like usual. The ups today were taking the girls to the IDEA Musem and potting some pretty flowers and having an  extra productive day! :) The downs were Elliot throwing up and asking for a blessing, and the kids fighting about dumb things and me getting frustrated about dumb things.:) Well, tomorrow is another day! 

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