Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stapley Dolls

My sister in law, Kristy, has a plush doll Instagram and Etsy shop called Stapley Dolls. I even made a couple dolls for it when it was a young business, and my sister Nora still makes dolls for it including this batman.

When Ammon and Ruth were in town I watched their kids so they could go to the temple. I took the opportunity to throw Rupert's old lederhosen on baby Allen for some pictures. I took a picture of Rupert at this age for Stapley Dolls with a "Where the Wild Things Are" doll and we all loved it! Allen was so cute to photograph because he fell asleep during the shoot and kept snuggling batman. :)

Kristy and Nora have worked hard and grown this business and I am so proud of them! They even do custom dolls which is a constant artistic challenge. They're doing a booth at a Pinterest conference this October which they're really looking forward to.  I get to store and even keep some furniture for that event, which is a bonus. :)

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