Friday, July 1, 2016

family group date

Happy July! Ruth and Ammon go back Iowa next Wednesday and Chris and Kristy head back to Missouri on Monday so we planned a group date night this weekend while most of us are here. Pete is in CA with his boys and Louise and Stanley are in Utah, of course, but the rest of the adults were there! Actually, Ammon and Ruth joined us after the restaurant. We went to The Harp, an Irish pub/restaurant in Dana Park. The manning's and we have been there before but it was a first for everyone else.
The menu has a good mix of classic American dishes and Irish comfort good dishes. I had the chicken and leek pie (above picture). Soooo good!
Julie was brace and tried the onion and liver dish. She said it was pretty good.
Mom and James ordered fish and chips.
Andrew and dad ordered bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potatoes).
Nora and Kristy ordered two different burgers from the menu.
Garrett and Chris ordered the Reuven sandwich. DJ and Sara came late and already had dinner but the salads they ordered looked amazing.

After the restaurant Ammon and Ruth joined us and our house for ice cream and a game. We played Hollywood Game Night , a favorite of Andrew's. There was a lot of noise and laughter and jokes. I don't know why I don't invite family or friends to our house more often! :)

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