Thursday, June 30, 2016

IKEA dresser DIY

Kristy is doing a Pinterest conference in October with her Instagram/etsy business Stapley Dolls. She has a great vision on how to set up her booth. Today we painted an IKEA dresser for some of the folks to go in.
I've never stained wood before, but I am now a fan of this clear stain. It protects the wood while preserving its original color. That way the wood grain is the star.
While painting and assembling the kids took naps, at lunch, and basically parked in front of the tv. #momoftheyear. ;)
And there you have it! BEFORE: our old dresser that barely functioned. AFTER: the painted/stained IKEA dresser that not only functions but looks modern and fresh.  It looks even better in person. Now I want to do more DIY projects!

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