Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Flagstaff photos

Here are some more photos from our Flagstaff family photo shoot a couple months ago.  We really have a plethora of good family photos to choose from.  Last time I shared family photos of us in front of our dorms.  These first three are from NAU north campus as well.  The last one is in the woods of a nearby park. 
One thing I love about this last picture is being in nature.  I'm partial to AZ forest.  Growing up our family vacation was going to Camp Geronimo and playing in the forest and creek catching minnows, finding grasshoppers and horny toads in the meadows.  I love the smell of the pine and the fresh air.  All the stars visible at night.  It's such a part of my youth and me today.  It was funny going to Sherwood Forest in England with the kids a couple years ago and not seeing or smelling our pine I'm so used to.  A very different forest.  Still beautiful, just different.  I hope my kids learn to love nature. Especially here in Arizona. :)


  1. I love Arizona's forests too!

    1. Yes, just amazing and so pretty too. I think because so many people in AZ live in the desert, the forest is so much more appreciated. Thankfully not too far away.

  2. I love Arizona's forests too!