Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A rare cool summer night

Andrew had a church responsibility tonight and the kids wanted to go outside so we ended up going on a ride around the neighborhood. The weather was surprisingly pleasant. Zara and Rupert love the bike trailer, and Avery grabbed on to the back since she's still new to rollerblading, so I kept a slow speed while Elliot followed along on a scooter.
I hope the weather stays cool so we can do it again soon. My niece who just turned one over the weekend just got a sidewalk burn. The pavement was hot enough to burn the palm of her hand and give her second degree burn! She's seems to be taking it like a champ, but that's the crazy hot weather we live in most of the summer! Today we went to Skyline pool for the first time and Monday it was Stapley. So far no regrets getting the summer swim pass, I just need to find friends that have it too! The kids would have so much more fun!


  1. Sorry we have a pool instead of a pool pass! I heard about your niece. It's so sad. Two years ago Lexie did the same thing to the bottom of both of her feet. Burns are so scary.

    1. It's so sad!! Crazy to think it gets hot enough to burn here.