Monday, June 6, 2016

A day with the Mckay boys

My good friends Brooke and Daniel McKay are finishing up a trip in Peru (so jealous!) and today was my day to watch their four boys. They're even spending the night tonight. Brooke was so awesome to help watch my kids during our trip to England last year with Rupert so I'm glad to return the favor. Brooke is also the Primary President so we work together at church.
I took the kids over to church in scooters and bikes to play frisbee and games and we saw there was irrigation. The kids insisted on only getting their feet wet, but you know how it went. :)
I came across some free printable the kids really loved.  We printed off four: monsters,  houses (my favorite!),  robots, and faces (the kid's favorite!).  I just found another faces one I want to print next time.  It's always fun seeing what the kids come up with.
^^ This was too cute.  ^^ Benson and Miles cuddling and sharing a book. :). I'm not going to lie, watching 8 kids wasn't a breeze. I have a lot more respect for Brooke now. Four boys!! Even though one of the boys cut one of the girl's hair, and I got a tube of paint thrown at my face, there were more poopy diapers than I'm used to changing, I got asked if I was pregnant (I'm not), and some kids didn't like my food, etc... We had a lot of fun and made some memories. It was worth it!

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