Friday, June 10, 2016

these 4 have my heart

 I almost forgot to blog, so technically it's Friday, but i haven't gone to bed yet.  Some of my favorite pictures from the photo shoot are these ones of the kids.  I feel it really shows their personalities.  There aren't as many of Rupert.  The weather was a lot colder than expected and he was frozen and unhappy much of the time, but he put a brave face some of the time. :)  There were so many good pictures it was hard to pair it down.
 I can't help but smile when I look through all of these photos.  I feel like I have the most amazing children.  They're beautiful, amazing, caring, talented ... the list could go on!

Zara has recently learned to swing by herself.  It's a new favorite of hers.
^^ We were really trying to get a genuine smile out of Elliot and this is after Andrew told a joke, and then Elliot told a couple jokes.  He's actually quite good at telling jokes and riddles.  He doesn't get that from me!
 ^^ Avery was probably the most herself during this shoot, or at least best captured on camera.  So spunky and silly and just trying to have fun.
 ^^ Always my little sunshine! ^^
 I have more to share but that's all for today.  All pictures by the talented Sarah Waggoner.

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