Friday, June 17, 2016

Last day of band

Three weeks have come and gone and Elliot had his informal band recital today. The clarinets, saxophones, and flutes played and I was surprised with how well they played and the many songs they learned. Being an orchestra junky, I don't really know that much about band. It's been fun learning with Elliot. I learned that the clarinet has the most notes out of all the band instruments. I learned that the flute is hard to learn at first but gets easier but the clarinet is easy to learn at first but gets harder.
^^ Aunt Nora taught the kids how to do Jacobs Ladder. ^^
After band we went to park and ended up in the sprinklers. That's what happens when it's 100+ outside!


  1. Fun! I'm so glad he enjoyed band. We have been driving around and the playgrounds are mini ghost towns these days. I'm glad you got to play in the sprinklers!

    1. It's too hot most of the day, but my kids don't seem to notice as long as we have water and snacks.