Thursday, June 2, 2016

Candy bars and fears

^^ Just like yesterday we took a picture outside of Elliot's summer band class! I'm used to running errands with Zara and Rupert, but it's been nice having Avery as well! They were such a good sport shopping at Sprouts during band but I think the strawberry sale helped. :)
This is the first summer we have a family swim pass which includes entrance into 9 different school pools. We threw all the pool names into a jar on pieces of paper that the kids take turns drawing each time we go swimming. Yesterday Elliot drew out "Fremont", today Avery drew out "Kino". Both pools have big slides Elliot and Avery could go on. They were both too scared yesterday so I offered to give them a candy bar if they overcame their fear and went down the water slide. It worked! The funny thing is, as soon as they went down once that's all they wanted to do! Elliot even earned an extra candy bar but jumping off the small diving board in the deep area. So proud!
^^ This cracks me up because it's over 100 degrees outside but as soon as the kids get out of the water they shiver. :)


  1. What a fun way to pick a pool! And it's funny what a bit of confidence does. Overcoming one fear helps you overcome the next. I love that you are posting more and can't wait to follow your summer :)

  2. Thanks! And congrats on your baby. I know how good it feels that first month after birth not to be pregnant anymore.