Monday, June 13, 2016

Memory Lane: NAU dormitories

Here are some more family photos!  With us celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary/10 year birth of our family we really wanted to have the pictures somewhere special and meaningful.  NAU north campus in Flagstaff was the perfect location.  We have a lot of memories there from when Andrew and I met, dated, and made a lot of really good friends.  Flagstaff is also the place Andrew learned about and joined the LDS church.  Here are some pictures of our dormitories.
 ^^ Andrew's room is one the window's on the top left.^^
Taylor Hall was Andrew's dorm at NAU.  He had several roommate and room changes but this is where he made home during those months far from family.  When Andrew applied for the exchange program from Hull University in England he was able to choose 5 schools he could put in priority that he would be interested in studying at for a year.  NAU was his fourth preference, and even though there were openings at his other top choices they sent him to NAU.  It was meant to be. :)
^^ North Morton was my second dorm on campus. ^^
We met the Saturday after the first day of school on campus in the Student Union.  That's a story on it's own. :)  At the time I was new to college and living in a freshmen co-ed dorm in south campus.  It was a rough experience and after a couple months I moved to North Morton dorm in north campus, right across from Taylor Hall.  I was the exception living there because North Morton doesn't typically house Freshmen.  North Campus is the oldest part of the school and has so much character and history, as you can see!
Sarah Waggoner did a great job capturing my family in all our craziness!  It's funny how the silly pictures like these last two end up being favorites, instead of the ones where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. :)  The silly ones really show everyone's personalities.