Sunday, June 5, 2016

Curly Sue

The other day I took the boys to Marshalls with me to go shoe shopping for Elliot. I forgot how much I love that store! I ended up finding these cool sponge curler rods for the girl's hair for $5. We've done rag curls before but this was even easier.
I just used some soft hold mousse to help the curl last all day. They looked even better after they settled a bit. I used them in Avery's hair first the other day and you can see the result here.  I like that the girls don't complain the next morning about the curlers hurting their head when they sleep like some other curlers we've used.
^^ Mother/daughter mirror selfie! Even the top of Rupert's head made an appearance! :) Don't you just love finding a new favorite product?!  These curls are perfect for Sunday.

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