Friday, June 3, 2016

Twinning girls

This morning the girls played in the sprinklers with cousins at their Aunt Julie's  house during Elliot's band practice. This meant I got some time at Target with just Rupert! I got him that new red water bottle on sale today and he loves it! Trying to keep the kids hydrated!! Recently Rupert has gotten really possessive about things he likes. If he thinks you want to take his special thing he says "no" and  holds it close to his body away from you. The other day he did that with a fly swatter. :) 
I signed up Elliot and Avery for the Library summer reading program. I wish I had done it sooner because it really motivates them to read! They want to earn points to get prizes! Right now Avery is reading a Geronimo Stanton book and Elliot is reading Secret Garden.
For swimming today Zara chose Mesa High pool! I think this one was my favorite so far because the kids played so well. Elliot jumped off he diving board a few times, everyone went on the lazy river except Zara and the kid area was a blast! Can't wait to come back.
Michael's had a bead sale so I snagged these candy colored rock beads and made the girls matching necklaces. They were excited to wear their matching swimsuits as well. :)

Tonight my mom came over and watched the kids so Andrew and I could do a session at the temple. I've been going to the temple twice a week for a couple months and it's been a big blessing. I love living so close to the temple.

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