Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

 Memorial Day is the best because it's one of the few holidays Andrew doesn't work.  He choose to spend the majority of his day installing a ceiling fan in the girl's bedroom.  He installed one in the boy's room on Saturday and it took him 4 hours.  Today wasn't much different.  While he worked I went shopping and prepared for the family BBQ tonight.  Oh, and took the kids to this amazing water slide!
My running buddy, Rachel Willis, invited us over to her parent's house where they rented this amazing water slide.  It's their annual tradition.  They have an amazing back yard!  After the slide the girls were going down their zip line.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.  Tonight our family BBQ was at Falcon Field.  It was a smaller group this time; my parents, Pete and his boys, Sara and kids (sans DJ), and us.
^ ^  COUSINS!!!  ^ ^
 ^ ^ Natalie wanted to be the photo bomber. ^ ^
 ^ ^ notice those Rupert fingerprints in the frosting :) ^ ^

I brought both of these desserts: one bowl chocolate cake and mini fruit pizzas.  Normally I love me some chocolate anything with nuts, but the fruit pizzas were a little more popular tonight.
^ ^ The big kids played Four Square. ^ ^
^ ^  that cheeky grin ;) ^ ^
^ ^ Zara is a pro at sliding down this. ^ ^
I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!

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