Tuesday, May 30, 2017

summer goals

Today felt like the first real day of summer break, what with camping and Memorial Day celebrations.  Elliot started summer band, which he wasn't looking forward to.  That is until he had a lesson with my sister Julie on the new hard song he got today.  Avery started level 4 swim lessons at Kino which she was really scared about, but when I picked her up she was so excited to tell me about her new friend Julie. Now she can't wait to go tomorrow!

I also met with the kids individually to plan out their little summer chore charts.  Normal daily things like brushing their teeth, reading their scriptures, practice piano and then some fun new ones.  Zara wants to jump on the trampoline every day! :) We recently started having them earn computer time now.  For every minute they read they get a minute on the computer up to 30 minutes each day.  Right now I only let them on websites their school recommended here and here.  I like these because they aren't just fun, they learn things and do math along the way.

I have my own goals this summer.
1. blog every day
2. take more pictures with my DSLR camera
3. work on Andrew's family's pedigree charts/geneology

What are your summer goals?

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  1. My summer goals are to get my alpacas, go on a bunch of hikes, and at least one adventure a week.