Wednesday, May 31, 2017

another tooth fairy visit

Today was the first day we used the family pass to go to a school pool.  Today it was Stapley Aquatic Center.  Half the time Rupert ran off needing freedom, and the other half he stayed close to me or insisted I hold him.  That's how he is at home too! :)

I got this swimsuit on sale and I love it.  Downeast swimsuits surprised me with their cute styles and quality this year.  I believe in investing in swimsuits you feel good in.  That way you don't mind about showing so much skin.
In other news Avery lost another tooth!  This time Elliot knocked a fort over and some piled up books knocked it out.  It was painful and bloody, and if it were left to Avery that tooth would have held on a few more weeks.  On the bright side she'll have another tooth fairy visit!

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