Friday, July 27, 2012

dream home

While we were in Colorado this May I discovered a new hobby of mine: driving through lovely neighborhoods and photographing beautiful houses.  I had serious neighborhood envy!  Oh the trees, the yards, the general greenery, the lovely brick homes.  I could picture myself in almost all of these!  When we would see a beautiful house with a "for sale" sign it took every ounce of self control to not call and set up an appointment to view the inside as a potential buyer.  Am i right in thinking this is normal? 
Right now my home is far from perfect.  It needs painting outside, new windows, and lots of little things here and there.  But what home doesn't need projects?
  I am really grateful Andrew and I own our home.
We've lived in it over three years and it already holds so many precious memories.
I suppose we can move somewhere else but right now our home needs us and we need it.
In the mean time I have superb ideas for gardening and home decor and am coming up with some lovely color schemes for external paint.
Bit by bit we are getting there.
These houses aren't comparable to castles by any means, but to me they all look cozy and perfect for raising a family.  Which ones caught your eye?  I love the third and last!


  1. I love the 3rd one of course. A Castillo needs a turret.

  2. I accidentally deleted the first home but it was lovely. Definitely the third!