Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pete and Em family pics

The other day Julie and I took pictures of our brother's family.  They are such a sweet family with THREE boys!  Such handsome little guys.  Peter frequently reminds me how nice it must be to have children with both genders so I don't have to wonder if I'll ever have the a girl (or boy).  Pete and Emily just dying for a girl but adore their boys.
I like how they all look like brothers but have their own looks and personalities, of course!
The hardest part about taking family pictures, especially with kids, is getting a good one with everyone.  That's why Julie and I made a good team.  She distracted the boys so I could get some of Peter and Emily.  She also took some of Dean and Robinson on the playground but I haven't seen them yet.  These are all from my camera.  I really love a good candid shot!


  1. I think your pictures turned out better than the ones I took. I definitely think my camera needs to be cleaned or have some sort of maintenance because the pictures weren't turning out the way I wanted them too. Oh well. I'm glad the get at least some good ones. :)

  2. Wonderful photos. I love how you caught their bright blue eyes.