Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flagstaff snow: part 2

We started off our second day in Flagstaff looking at a loooong train passing right in front of our hotel window.  We were toasty inside but outside was snowy cold; coziness in perfection.
After breakfast the only logical thing to do was go sledding and the snow was perfect!
We picked the sled up at Target last minute and it was perfect for one or two people.
Even Zara got a turn, although she was indifferent to the experience.
The snow suit didn't help.  All the restraint!  Josie wore it to England last year and she wasn't keen either.
This was the first time sledding as a family and we all had a blast!!!!
While playing in the snow Elliot kept telling us he wanted to live there so he could play in the snow and then he'd change his mind when he got cold and tell us he wanted to go back home in Mesa.  Andrew and I have the same mixed feelings.  Although we have good memories in Flagstaff from our dating years, neither of us really want to live there.  It was great to spend a day-a night-and a day in Flagstaff but next year we'll do the whole trip in one day instead.  None of us slept much that night!

Flagstaff day one here.

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