Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas around the house

My house seems happier during the holidays.  I felt that when we had bats swinging from the ceiling for Halloween and I feel that now with our pine tree in the living room.  Not only our home, but the whole family carry an attitude of love and giving.  
Zara especially likes the tree.  I constantly catch her pulling down ornaments and eating the tinsel.  She's at that age where everything goes in her mouth.  It took us four iPad chargers to realize Zara was the one breaking them with her slobber.  Oh that girl!  
Just like last year we have been doing something Christmas-y as a family each day this month.  So far we picked a tree, decorated it, put up lights on the house, and made some cheesy ornaments for Andrew's parents.  Every year we establish new traditions and every year gets more and more exciting with our kids.

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  1. I love your decor Marilyn! Just wanted to answer your question about my camera. I shoot with a Nikon d90 and just love it, I primarily shoot with a 50 mm lense, 1.8 fstop it's my absolute favorite for portraits! Hope this helps!