Friday, September 14, 2012

book review: Wonderland Creek

Last week I was able to go to the library with just Zara so I actually got to look for me books!  This doesn't happen very often.  Wonderland Creek sort of stood out on the shelf so I thought I'd give it a try.  From the cover and summary I thought it would be a modern-day Alice in Wonderland but the only similarities were the name of the main character, Alice, and the name of the creek, Wonderland Creek.

It turns out that this book is more of a historical fiction novel about a girl named Alice during the Great Depression who loves to read all the time but looses her job as a librarian and her boyfriend and just needs to get away. She finds herself in a small mining town where there are lots of secrets and family feuds.  While in this town she has lots of adventures and learns how to work hard.  Ultimately she lives life instead of reading all the time.

I loved this book because I can relate to Alice.  It's too easy to get caught in a good book instead of doing little things to take care of my home and family.  If i'm missing out on an adventure it's now ones fault but my own.  This book was a pleasant surprise (not all books I randomly pick up at the library live up to the cover) and I found myself looking forward to seeing what would happen next.

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