Monday, January 30, 2012

book review: Crossed

I read a few mixed reviews about Crossed, sequel to Matched, and had low expectations going in. The summary intrigued me and I ended up enjoying this book better then the first one. The plot moved along a little bit faster and there are a few interesting characters introduced. A lot about this book is finding out more about the characters in it. There past, what they're thinking. A different thing about this book that I really liked when I got used it is that the chapters go back and forth between Ky's point of view as well as Cassia's. It's another fast read. The ending has me all excited to read the next book, released in November. I have high hopes that it'll be better than this one! I also wonder, who's point of view will the third book be? Cassia's only? Cassia's and Xander?

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