Friday, January 20, 2012

Leeds and The Deep

Pretty much all of our plans changed during our stay in England. Some times it wasn't our fault! The kids got sick so they didn't sleep well so we left late every morning. We wanted to go to the Preston Temple but it was closed. We wanted to go to Edinburgh, Scotland the first week but all the hotels were booked for New Year's celebrations. We wanted to go to Holland on a ferry the second week but we didn't read the terms and conditions (after having paid) and found out too late that I'm three weeks too far along. There were other things, but you get the idea.

We weren't planning on going to Leeds but I'm glad we did, even though Andrew and I had already been there. It's about 2 hours west of Hull. When we got there we were all hungry so we ate at Pizza Express before going to the Leeds Armouries Museum.
When Elliot gets tired he still sucks his thumb and plays with his or my hair.
Yum! That was good food, although a little over-priced with the exchange rate.
If you are interested in weapons or armor in different parts of the world and in history you would love this museum. Admittedly, I was a little bored having seen it all before but Andrew and James loved it.
Elliot would have loved it too if he hadn't fallen asleep and taken a nap the whole time we were there.
Looks like Avery was ready for a nap here.
Andrew's cousins came up from Portsmouth (about 5 hours south of Hull) for a few days and we took all the kids to The DEEP. They re-vamped it since the last time I went so it was nice seeing all the improvements. The kids loved the sharks.
Come back tomorrow for pictures from Scarborough.

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  1. That looks beautiful. You have a great looking family ;)