Monday, January 16, 2012

31 weeks

Before I get too much bigger I wanted to post these belly pictures Julie took for me in England. I grew a lot during those two weeks! Must be all the hot chocolate, fish and chips, and other goodies. Not surprising my last midwife appointment showed I gained 10 lbs. in 5 weeks and my uterus is measuring big. Yikes! Since this is my first natural delivery pray for me not to have a big baby. At least Andrew is enjoying all my extra curves.


  1. Your belly is so cute! Are you going to have the baby at home too? After having one in the hospital, I can definitely see the appeal. But I figured the gestational diabetes would make the midwives shy away. I can't remember if it was just Kristy or if you had it too.

  2. Makes me wish I was preggers again...just a little bit;) Yay for midwives and natural birth!! and I heart homebirth...big time. You are going to rock it, big baby or not! look adorable.

  3. Since my sister and her husband and son just moved in I decided I'd rather birth at the hospital than home. I might do a hme birth next time. I had gestational diabetes with Avery so they tested me early this time and it was clear. I think I might be developing it now since it's something that can come later in pregnancy. Just need to watch my sugar/carb intake.