Sunday, March 11, 2012

book review: HypnoBirthing

Read HypnoBirthing and have a natural delivery. Check! Two more of my 2012 goals accomplished! Have you ever heard of HypnoBirthing? It converted me to natural deliveries and is a wonderful book. HypnoBirthing is a type of natural delivery with breathing techniques and a level of deep relaxation that makes having a baby almost "pain free". There are classes you can take if you want to be more involved but I just read the book. The beginning of the book explains the background to HypnoBirthing and shares some interesting stories. Then it gets into breathing techniques and eventually it takes you, step by step, through the birthing process. It inspired me to take control of my body and really focus on relaxing while breathing through the contractions while I was in labor with Zara. One thing I disagree with HypnoBirthing is that it tells you to breathe the baby down, not push. With Zara it was incredible how strong I felt the urge to push her out. I believe that pushing is a natural part of delivering a baby. Overall this book was a wonderful inspiration. Remember that women having been having natural deliveries for centuries and natural deliveries are quite normal in other cultures even today. If you're pregnant, please read it, even if you plan on having an epidural. I had a natural delivery, not a hypnobirth delivery, but Andrew said this one was the best of the three. I didn't rip his arm off this time and he didn't feel as helpless watching me in pain because I seemed to have everything under control with my calm breathing. Plus, natural deliveries go faster than epidural deliveries. As you can see, I am enthusiastic about natural deliveries! I hope I haven't bored you with my ranting!

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  1. Yeah! I'm glad others have done natural deliveries, and I like this book a lot too. Have you heard of hypno-babies? Pretty much the same idea, but there are a lot of specific cd's to listen to... anyway, sounds like you had an awesome birth experience. Hopefully we'll have a similar story with our next one!