Saturday, March 24, 2012

Louise baby shower

Last Saturday the ladies in my family threw Louise a baby shower. It's her first girl so she totally needed one! Any excuse to buy adorable frilly pink things and Ooo and Ahhh over them! Since Louise lived in Utah the majority of the last ten years it was mostly just family. Us sisters decided we need to do this again with or without a baby coming! By that I mean chatting with yummy food while the husbands have the big kids.
The goodies everyone brought and made were delicious. Since Zara was just born I was put in charge of invites. I commissioned Beth Allen to custom make these. She is really very talented artist. I think they turned out lovely! She has an etsy store if you're interested in seeing more of her work.

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  1. i LOVE those straws in the mason jars and those announcements are absolutely beautiful! how fun!! and congratulations to your sister on her first baby girl!