Friday, March 2, 2012

couldn't resist

The first few days after a baby is born is spent in defining the features of that individual. Sometimes this goes on for much longer. Does the baby have her daddy's lips? his mommy's eyes? the "family look"? I think Zara has a lot of the same features as Elliot with Avery's coloring but I've gotten to the point that I see her as herself now and not just a compilation of other's features. I still thought it would be fun to put all my three kid's baby pictures together. It was difficult finding good photos of all three at the same age. I'm not sure hold old they are in these photos but I think Avery is a little older since she was my smallest baby but has put on some chubs in this picture. I've noticed that we had a different camera with each and my camera skills improved with each. It makes me grateful for my awesome camera I have now. Seeing these pictures reminds me how much I love being a mom. Thanks for letting me show off my darling babies!

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