Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Pageant

If you grew up in Mesa like me you would know that going to the Easter Pageant is another way to celebrate Easter every year. I could even hear the pageant from my house, three blocks away, growing up so it has always been a big part of my life although I've never been it - yet. Over the last few years I've had a few family members in the pageant. Julie even got to be an angel once (or twice?). This year my Dad is in it for the first time, plus my mom is helping back stage. My Dad has done some acting parts for the church in Utah so he was able to land a name role his first time in the pageant. He plays Zebedee, the father of a couple of Christ's apostles. I like the Temple peaking behind the trees and set in this picture.
Below he's standing next to the "boat mast" he puts up for the fisherman scene.
Last night was the last dress rehearsal. I was able to meet up with DJ and Sara so Andrew could to homework at home in peace. The kids were so excited to see Grandpa before it started. Avery also asked to see the "Knight". Elliot felt so special to wear the Roman Soldier's helmet, although it was very heavy. It was fun answering all of Avery's questions during the pageant.
"Why is he getting baptized?"
"When am I getting baptized - when I'm married?"
"When I'm married I'm going to have long hair like Mary."
"Did Jesus come down from Heaven to be here?"
"Are those birds real?"
"Can I be Mary next year?"
We had such a great time. For pageant times go here. Don't miss it like I did the last two years!

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