Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A true friend and an embarrassing moment.

Tonight was my orchestra concert and all went well until I had a little embarrassingmoment. In past concerts I have hiccuped really loud when all was silent, my shoulder rest has come off my viola so I had to put it back on really fast, and I had a string go out of tune, but I never forgot my music before!

So . . we played our warm up piece on stage at the Mesa Arts Center and my stand partner puts the next piece up while the director is talking only to find that I was missing a page. How did that happen? I taped all my music months ago. I guess one page riped off without my knowing it. I had to think fast. I was section leader so I had to have music, because it wasn't memorized, so I asked the stand behind me to trade music. Instead they hand me a pile of music. At first I didn't realize it was their extra music because all I saw was the last piece we were going to play, but eventually I found the wanted page in the middle of the stack of music but not before the director and the whole orchestra and the whole audience's eyes were on me. NEVER AGAIN!

Other than that it was a good concert.

Any embarrassing moments you would like to share to make me feel better?

On Sunday I got to spend some time with my best friend. We've best friends for 6 or 7 years but we haven't spent as much time as we've liked to since we haven't lived in the same city since high school. This summer was supposed to be our chance to catch up but she's been busy with her new boyfriend. She's so happy that I don't mind sharing her. I guess she has to share me since I have a family and all.

Today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Julie! For her birthday I gave her a book by a local author. I was the inspiration for one of the characters! I also made Julie a headband that she's wearing in the pictures. Below is me, Julie, and her mom.

The best thing about Julie is that no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other we can always pick back up where we left off. Now that is a true friend!

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